Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day Two - Blessings

  1. Friends 
  2. Shoes - I'd be breaking my feet all the time with out them.
  3. Our Dog (Colette) - She cheers me and my family up so much.
  4. Laughs - I love to laugh! Especially with ones I love. 
  5. Doctors and their knowledge - I've been seeing so much of doctors this past year.
  6. My Brother (Grant) - He is so awesome.
  7. Filtered Water 
  8. Books - I'm so grateful I have so much access to books.
  9. Fans - To make our house bearable without A/C.
  10. Memory - Yes, it might seem a bit strange, but I'm grateful that God has blessed us with the gift of remembering so much of our past. If he hadn't given us such a strong memory, we wouldn't be who we are today. 

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