Monday, October 3, 2016

The Beginning of We

Sean and Deanna were in the same painting class with MSOA the spring term of 2014, and occasionally spoke while working on they’re paintings. They both ended up going on the MSOA College Beach Retreat in June (2014), where they played quite a bit of pin pong together. They laughed and made jokes. Every outing around the beach they always found the other not far off and if you see any of the pictures of that trip you will find that to be true. Was it a coincidence or intentional? If so who was following who? If you asked Sean or Deanna they’d say it was both. Though they tried not to be obvious, even to each other.
Sean 5th person to the right in the white shirt/brown jacket and Deanna left of him in the pink shirt.

After a summer with no contact aside from one brief email, they were both excited to see each other when the next school term started. They continued as friends, but always wondering if the other liked them. Until December 11th 2014 when Sean asked Deanna a question that was the start of their love story.
Deanna remembers right before Sean formed the words, she had thought “I wonder if he likes me?”. She hadn't imagined that he'd answer that thought so quickly.

It didn’t take long for things to change from “I..” to “We...” and now we are going to be wed and we shall be till death do us part.