Monday, May 15, 2017

God's Plan Not Mine

From the early on in my teenage years God has been teaching me that he is always in control. I may try to plan my future, but then God has planned differently for me. When the unexpected turns in the road come up, at the time I couldn't understand what God was doing, sometimes I'd get mad.
Now looking back at the what I had planned at age 14 and what God planned, I can tell you his was a lot better, even though there was pain and struggles. An ankle surgery that forced me to give up dance, a broken foot that wrecked my summer plans and wouldn't heal to 100%. Not getting a job when I wanted to, broken relationships. So many of these things ending up bring good things into my life.

If I had things hard things happen I wouldn't have done Art school, I wouldn't be doing photography. I wouldn't have gone on that amazing art mission trip to Italy and Moldova. and most importantly I wouldn't have met Sean (my husband). And we wouldn't be expecting our first child in December.

Here's what I imagined my life to be when I was young.
- Keep dancing till I finished high school
- Age 18: Get a Job
- About age 20-21: Start date a guy from church
- About age 21-23: we'd get married
- Around age 25: start having a family.

Pretty boring don't you think? Well, I can imagine God was laughing at my imaginary future. I had no idea, that by my 21st birthday I'd be married and pregnant! God is good his plan is best! With the struggles he brings blessing and I so thankful for all he's taught me through it.

I don't know what my future will be like, But I know God has a plan and that I can trust his plan.