Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Blessing - Fourth Day

  1. Color - It adds so much beauty to this world.
  2. Blackberries - The berries, not the thorny mess. :) My sister made a blackberry cobbler tonight.
  3. Bunnies - Found three wild baby bunnies today.
  4. My Mom - She is an incredible servant to God and her Family.
  5. My dark hair - I love it and I'm told it's pretty.
  6. Light - Think about living on earth in darkness, it would be crazy!
  7. Swings - I enjoy going out and talking to God on our swing set.
  8. Our House 
  9. Rest - God blessed us with a body that needs rest, if we didn't need it then we'd be like God.
  10. The power of words - Think about it if God didn't gift us the power of words, we wouldn't know him.
What are something that you are bless with?

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