Thursday, March 31, 2016

God's Love and Exhibition Time!

Hey everyone!
So much work has be going on that I haven't had an opportunity to sit down with my computer to write anything besides for my writing assignments. God has done a lot of work in me, and I'll try to write about what he's done with me. Here's one little highlight:

I know that the bible says that God loves us, but I always felt like I was a disappointment and that he couldn’t possibly love me unconditionally. I wasn’t worthy of his love and that he couldn’t love me because I have sinned so much. I would hear people tell me that God loved me, but I just couldn’t or wouldn’t totally believe them because I was listening to the lies and reminders from Satan of sin I have done that God hates sin, so he couldn’t love me. I started to try to remove the lies instead trust in what the bible says about God’s love, but I still doubted them because I hadn’t heard God say it to me. I hadn’t heard him say that he loves me with his voice, and I think part of why I didn’t believe is because I have felt like I've had a lack of affirming words and people saying they loved me in my life.
In my quiet reflective time I started to think of the story about the prodigal son and how the father ran to his filthy son and embrace him, and how the Father is God. Then I heard the words “I love you.” God, the heavenly father loves me as I am.

That's one thing, there's a lot more but I'll update now on what is happening and how you can pray.
Today we set up our artwork in the building we're using for our exhibition. We are opening the exhibition tomorrow night, pray that we'd have a great hit off and that all of us visual artist will be open and engaging with the guest that come. 
And in two weeks I'll be packing up to go to Moldova.

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