Saturday, January 30, 2016

Italian Welcome!

-January 24th/25th- First Day

A lot of traveling, airplane food, and passports.

-January 27th- 
Tonight I shared my portfolio with everyone in the school, sharing the story about my paintings. I was so nervous as I usually am when I do public speaking. And of course do to the alphabetical order my last name falls in I went first, I had some clumsy moments. Knocked over a music stand and my mouth went dry to where I couldn’t say a word properly. Yet at the very end after all the other visual artist had shared, I was encouraged by how many people came up and told me what piece they liked. Each person liked a different painting or drawing that I show on the slides, and it was so encouraging and motivating to see people being blessed by my work and being excited to see what I create while I’m here. 

-January 30th-
Today we finished the training of Worldview, which was very eye opening how we view the world differently. Then we went on a trip to Castelli (which is a town close by), we got to wounder around the town, then we visited an art school there that specializes in ceramics. We watched a student working on the wheel with  some clay, but he found imperfections (hard pieces) in the clay, so he had to throw it out and started over to a beautiful piece (pictured below). It was a reminder to us that if we are hard in places God can't form us into the masterpiece he wants to make.

 And more pictures to come. ;)

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