Friday, September 4, 2015

Love in Another Language

I've put off writing this post far too long, mainly I haven't started this blog because I don't know where to start. Three weeks isn't super long, but so many things happened and I have changed from that short time. One thing for sure, God has given me a passion for international missions, and for sharing God's love with the unloved.

Romania was beautiful, but the people were far more captivating then the beauty of the land. They are the ones who have taken my heart, and I hope that I am able to see them again, if not again on earth, then in heaven. I'm not going to recount everything that happened, but I do want to share one story with you. One that was a highlight of my whole trip.

It was the last day of camp (the second week of our trip), we had just finished doing nails, hair, and face painting with the girls at the camp (the guys went for a hike). I decided I was going to go to the creek to pray and spend sometime with God, like I had done the day before. I was searching for God to give me direction in what to do next once I returned home, if I was to keep doing missions trips or to focus on my home town. He gave me the answer in a different way then I expected, he sent me one of the camp kids who spoke very little English.
The girl who followed me to the creek had been a hard nutshell all week. She was different, she was like me. The only girl who always played soccer with the boys, who tried to be friends with the clicks of girls, but would just close herself off in the end. When I saw her I saw myself when I was young, not fitting in with the girls or the boys, the need to be excepted lingering behind her eyes, and yet untrusting of others.
I don't know what made her follow me to the creek (it must have been God), but I looked up from where I had just sat down and she was walking over to me. Now I don't really know any Romanian aside from a few word like; Hello, How are you, Good, ect.. So I couldn't talk with her, but that didn't matter.
You don't need to know another language to speak love. Sometimes the shared giggles, sacrificed time and tender actions can be the most powerful kind of love you can give.
The time I spent with the Romanian girl by the creek, is a cherished memory. One thing she did say to me in English was "I love you." I hope that she'll remember that day for a long time, I sure will, but I pray that she will always remember how much God loves her.

God spoke to me through the 15 or so minutes spent with this girl. He told me I am to show people how great is his love for them, and that he will use me anywhere, anytime. Such as by a creek when I was seeking him, he sent someone else along looking for me, and I pray she found God's love in return.

A selfie to capture the moment by the creek <3
Doing the girls hair

My awesome camp translator explaining the game to the kids

Having to say goodbyes and taking last minute selfies.

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