Friday, May 30, 2014

Lessons Through Trails and Pain

For almost two years now I've been in and out of doctors trying to have my fractured metatarsal finish healing. All the doctors can't fathom why a strong health young person as myself isn't healing. The Doctors have issued all sorts of things casts, vitamins, crutches and even a bone stimulator. Still I don't show any improvement, "It should have healed." they say when they see the x-rays. My doctor has extended my time on crutches, but sounds doubtful that my bone will show improvement, and says the next step would be surgery.
For so long I've been mainly trusting that the doctor's advise would heal my foot. Sure I've asked God to heal me occasionally, but I when my foot had shown improvement (about a year ago) I just assumed it was what the doctors and I were doing. I didn't give God really any of the credit, and I'm ashamed to that I didn't. Now that it's not improving at all, I realize it's never the doctors that heal it's God. They can help the healing process, but ultimately it's God.
I'm not blaming him that I'm not healing, I'm actually grateful I haven't because I wouldn't be learning the things God is wanting to teach me, such as acceptance, patience, trust and praise.
Accepting that I'm where God has planned me to be even though I may not be what I'd planned.
Patience as I wait for healing, whether it's through rest, surgery, or God's miraculous healing.
Trusting in God that he has a plan and that he will heal me.
And finally Praising God in my trails and pain.

~Deanna, just a girl learning lessons through pain.

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