Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Simple Blessings

I wrote this poem awhile back after I had recovered from a ankle surgery, I noticed that so many people don't think about how blessed they are to be able to walk, grab things, hear, and see. You usually don't think of it until you have it taken away.

Things We Take For Granted

You never think yourself lucky
when you run through the grass
but there's people who don't know what it's like
as they watch you pass

You're never grateful for your hands
as you use them to eat,
but there are some who have none,
while someone cuts their meat.

You wish sometime that everything would be silent
in the morning when the bird starts singing
but there are others that live in silence
never knowing what their missing

You don't think about your eyes
while you read alone
but there are a lot who are in the darkness
and can't read this poem

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